Plan 53B

Plan 53B
  • Plan 53B

  • PLAN 53B is used for the double  seals of arrangement 3 seal, that is, the pressure of the barrier fluid is higher than the maximum pressure of the seal chamber, and the pressure of the barrrier fluid is realized by the bladder accumulator;

  • The barrier system of this scheme is gas-free system, which uses a bladder-type accumulator to prevents contact between the pressurization gas and the barrier liquid, and allows for high-pressure operation.

  • Piping Plan 53 is usually chosen over Piping Plan 52 for dirty, abrasive, or polymerizing products that would either damage the seal faces or cause problems with the buffer liquid system if Piping Plan 52 were used.

  • The clean barrier liquid provides lubrication to the seal faces, but the barrier liquid that passes across the inner seal faces will enter the pumped process stream. Therefore, the process liquid shall be compatible with the barrier liquid and be able to tolerate a small amount of contamination from the barrier liquid.

  • The product is composed of bladder accumulator +PLAN23 cooler + measuring control parts + pipeline system; All components are integrated into the bracket for compact construction and easy field installation.

  • The product is equipped with a manual refueling pump, which can be more convenient before the operation of the equipment and exhaust, but also in the operation of the equipment, without stopping the case, real-time manual refueling and pressure.

  • Optional all kinds of instruments and meters, such as thermometer, pressure switch, liquid level switch, pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, etc. Can realize the scene alarm, also can transmit the data to the PLC control panel, better monitor the operation of the mechanical seal.

Shell side pressure-0.1~2MPa
Pipe pressure-0.1~ 2.5mpa
Temperature0 ℃ ~ 160 ℃
Material available304SS/316SS, etc
barrier mediumwater/oil, etc

Plan 53B







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