In China, FBU is the most professional manufacturer of mechanical seals for PULP&Paper mills,And We have the most complete mechanical sealing solution for paper mills

The challenges facing the Pulp and Paper industry include reducing water consumption/usage as well as minimizing environmental impact in a cost-effective manner. FBU offers engineered solutions for all stages of pulp and paper processing including pulping, stock preparation, recovery systems, and wastewater treatment.

Minimizing water consumption/usage while effectively sealing in the following applications:

· Pulping

· Digesters, Washers, Pulpers 

· Stock Preparation

· Bleaching, Coatings, Screening

· Recovery

· Evaporation Boilers, Causticizers

· Wastewater Treatment

· Sludge, Treated Wastewater

Seals For Pulp Pumps

In the paper manufacturing process, paper inventory is transferred between different processing stages. Therefore, various branded pumps are needed throughout the entire papermaking process to transport raw materials

In the paper mill, FBU encountered many brands of pumps, such as: Sulzer APP&AUP/ABS SCANPUMP/Andritz S3&S8/Andritz ACP/Goulds 3175&3180&3185; Single Screw Pump NETZSCH/ALLWEILER ...We have developed many cartridge mechanical seals for pumps of these brands,and we have many mechanical seal solutions for MC pumps.

Seals For Agitators​​​​​​​

Many mixers are used in paper mills to solve the mixing of pulp in different stages of the pulp tank. The mixers can be equipped with different mechanical seal forms: single mechanical seal without flushing, double mechanical seal, single mechanical seal with external flushing, and double mechanical seal with grease lubrication.

Seals For Screens

Small flakes of plastic, wet-strength paper, hairs, synthetic fiber, etc., will not, in general, be removed in a centrifugal cleaner, but because of their difference in shape or size from useful fibers they can be screened out.Pressure screens are universally used as thin stock screens. They usually consist of a cylindrical container inside which is a perforated cylindrical basket.

Mechanical Seals For Refiners​​​​​​​

Modern paper mill stock preparation systems in fact, generally install continuously operating refiners in preference to beaters, unless the use of beaters has some special advantage. This would include greater flexibility for producing a wide range of paper qualities; batch operation which may on occasions be useful; or a prolonged soaking time which may be necessary for certain paper qualities. In refining, the stock is pumped continuously through the equipment and receives the mechanical treatment during its passage through the refining zone.








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