Plan 23

Plan 23
  • Plan 23
  • PLAN 23 can be used for single  seals alone or combined with PLAN52/53 for double seals;

  • The cooler cools only that fluid in which the seal operates, and this cool fluid does not enter the process, This results in high energy efficiency. Lessening the duty is very desirable because it extends the life of the cooler;

  • The cooler is only used to remove the friction heat generated by the seal end face and the heat absorption of the process medium, which can effectively reduce the heat load of the cooler. Compared with Plan21 and 22, the heat load is lower, thus prolonging the life of the cooler;

  • Piping Plan 23 is the plan of choice for all hot water services, particularly boiler feed water, and many hydrocarbon services. This plan is the standard selection for hot water at 80 °C (180 °F) and above, and boiler feed water.

  • The cooler adopts serpentine coil inside, convection heat transfer, heat exchange area is fully utilized, heat exchange effect is good, TUBE coil system, outer wall polishing Ra≤0.4μm, increase heat exchange efficiency, and is not easy to scale;

  • The outlet of the cooler is equipped with universal shock resistant bimetal thermometer, which can adjust the Angle arbitrarily, so that the on-site staff can conveniently monitor the temperature of flush liquid in real time..

  • The top is equipped with exhaust valve and exhaust pipe,.                                                                        

  • The back bracket adopts the design of hanging ear, which is convenient for on-site installation and disassembly.

Pressure-0.1 ~ 2.0 MPa
Temperature0 ℃ ~ 160 ℃
Material available304SS/316SS, etc
Flushing mediumwater/oil/steam etc

Plan 23







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