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Company Profile

FBU is a factory focusing on ISO, ANSI and API standard cartridge seal and customized seal as per ISO 9001 Lloyd's assessed management, which meets different demand of customers from chemical, pulp & paper, mine, marine and food processing industry.
In China, most of our customers is O E M and end-user. 

Why Choose Us
The patented innovative seal design
Systematic management with CRM/PDM/ERP
Advanced production equipment with haas machine tools
Simulative rotating balance test
Well-trained sales and engineers in mechanical seal field as well as abundant experience especially in pulp and chemical industry
which make us known in industry and trusted by our professional customers in the world. 
Quality and production
We strictly control the quality of our sealing materials. The selection of each material has undergone rigorous testing. At the same time, our cooperation with Dupont, Schunk, Morgan are established with a good relationship. It is our responsibility to select the accurate materials for our customers. In our plant, rotating balance testing can be implemented if necessary. 
Custom Mechanical Seal Design for ODM
When working with us, you only need to inform us of your needs, with your participation, we work out the suitable sealing solution for you. Our aim is, to meet and continue to exceed customer expectations.
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