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FBU stock mechanical seals for iso and ansi pumps in period of coronavirtus

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Dear Customers,


Thank you for your continuous trust and support to our company.

Our aim, to provide customers with the best service, the best quality products, the fastest product delivery. Our core products cartridge seals,which we have plenty of inventory. Standard specifications of them can be sent within 48 hours upon receipt of order.

In view of the most effective control of the spread of coronavirus outbreak, we have delayed the time to resume work. Since the end of 2019, we had done lots of jobs for the new 2020. One of them is to stock plenty of standard cartridge seals for iso and ansi pumps like Goulds 3196, Durco Mark iii, Sulzer APP pumps.

So far we have done lots of preparatory work for returning and are actively waiting for the resumption of work notice. We believe that our company will soon restart. The epidemic will end finally and soon.

If you have any products requirements or inquiries, please contact us by sending an email to your contact engineers or to We will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and attention.  





                                       Yours Sincerely


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