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Company Introduction

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FBU Industrial Equipment (Kun Shan) Co., Ltd was established in 2007, with FBU trademark we specialize in design and manufacturing, repairing
of mechanical seals, and selling high quality of sealing material Silicon carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Alumina ceramics, Carbon. FBU is constantly
developing series of cartridge seals conforming to standards of ISO , ANSI, DIN, and API ,which are widely used in industry such as
petrochemical, electric power, steel, pharmaceutical, paper & pulp, marine, ship yard and food processing.
Except for innovating on products research, engineers and technicians well-trained by the company can customize various of mechanical seals
as per requests, also can improve sealing performances on the working site, and support maintaining solution.
公司为了保证产品质量,引进先进生产设备以及检测设备, 实行ISO9000质量管理体系, 同时引进台湾先进的ERP管理系统,全面已进入信息化管
Advanced production, testing equipments and ISO 9000 quality management system are introduced and implemented to ensure the quality.
Simultaneously sophisticated EPR management system imported from Taiwan guarantees quality good, cost saving, administration
standardized, totally enhance FBU to be competitive in the seals market.
Adhere to the aim of continuous innovation, improvement, best quality and service, healthy and safe growth environment, we are engaged to
develop FBU SEAL brand, marketing our products around the world, and have gained trust and support from many customers of Fortune Global
500 enterprises. Customer Reliance is our continuous motive force ahead.

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